Mentoring Training

Blended learning for mentors and mentees

This is a highly flexible learning approach. It enables mentors and mentees to build skills and prepare for mentoring in an engaging, but self-paced way that fits into their schedule.

Designed to suit a range of budgets, our practical, interactive core programme can be enhanced with one or more additional elements as desired. Our clients love these additional elements. They further enhance mentoring skills, build a learning community and enable the sharing of best practice and successful mentorship.

Programmes are priced, accordingly, on a per participant basis. Get in touch to discuss what you’re looking for.


Mentoring Training

Our core programme modules are short sessions that allow for a highly flexible approach. Each module contains a video tutorial covering key learning points and relevant activities to support learning.

One of the stand out features of our programme is our learning platform. Designed with learners in mind, all the materials are in one place, making it intuitive and easy to access and work through. Group chat, private chat with the tutor, ability to upload learning objectives, provide feedback and share resources all combine to create an excellent experience for learners.

Enhanced elements are run as virtual workshops. You can add just one or as many as suit your programme. Our facilitation encourages high levels of participation and sharing of experiences.

Core programme

Adding value – individual elements


Introduction to the programme and the learning platform
Understanding mentoring and how it differs from coaching
Preparing yourself – mentoring styles, readiness etc.
The first meeting – what to include, setting the tone
Making progress – building skills such as storytelling, debriefing experiences and others
Keeping on track – conducting reviews, spotting problems and bring mentoring to a close

Supported by:
Activities & Group Chat

Virtual workshops (60 minutes)

Onboarding / Welcome workshop
Using energising Strengths in mentoring (mentors & mentees)
Review of 1st meetings – sharing experiences  (mentors)
Understanding your learning style (mentees)
Sharing experiences and learning after 6 months (mentors)
Optional group surgeries (meet to discuss / ask questions)
Optional 30 minutes 1:1 coaching with facilitator
Incorporation of your documents into programme

Supported by:
Mentoring conversations cards
Ongoing learning resources e.g. articles, tools etc.

We support in-house training

Want to deliver mentoring training in-house?

Need consistent, high quality training content?

No time to design mentor or mentee training?

Want materials that are an ongoing resource?

Our Mentoring Training Materials are the answer

Mentoring training can be challenging for organisations. Mentors and mentees are often spread across the country, continent or the globe. As a result, many organisations find that mentoring training is inconsistent. It’s variable in quality and reliant on a set of PowerPoint slides or a quick briefing.

Our mentoring Training materials provide everything you’ll need to facilitate an engaging and effective mentoring workshop. All the contents are available in soft copy except Mentoring Conversation cards. Workbooks for mentors and mentees are available as interactive eBooks.

We offer a 3 hour virtual train the trainer workshop for your internal trainers to bring the materials to life. The session is informative, practical and interactive. It’s also flexible and will be tailored according to the experience of your team. As a result, your training team have a toolkit with all the materials they need to run fantastic workshops with confidence.

Mentoring Training

What’s in the mentoring training materials package?

There are three elements to our package of materials and they can be purchased separately. The Facilitator Guide supports your trainers and provides all the design and content. This is available in printable soft copy. The workshops are built around our eBooks for mentors and mentees which are interactive workbooks. For best results, we recommend the eBooks accompany the Facilitator Guide.

Licences to print or distribute our eBooks are sold in multiples of 10 with volume discounts giving greater flexibility and lower cost. A sample eBook is available to view below.

Finally, our Mentoring conversation cards which keep mentoring fresh and stimulating and are a fantastic training aid.

Mentoring Toolkit

Trainer Session Notes

A Facilitator guide with structured session notes for mentor and mentee workshops. There are session plans for 1 day and 1/2 day workshops for mentors and 1/2 day plans for mentees. They are designed to be flexible whilst covering all the key topics.

Tips and Best Practice

Comprehensive facilitation tips, recommended room layouts and templates for posters to engage and inspire participants.

Activities and Materials

Recommended exercises with instructions on how to facilitate them. Additional activities to support learning and make workshops fun, handout templates and a copy of worksheets.

Accompanying Workbooks and Conversation Cards


Get Ready to Mentor - Workbook for mentors

Get ready to Mentor follows the flow of a mentoring relationship. Initial chapters encourage the reader to prepare themselves, thinking about the type of mentor they are likely to be and  undertaking some self-reflection about their style and skills.

There are practical tips and ideas for the first meeting and plenty of good practice recommendations for keeping mentoring engaging and powerful. The workbook covers everything, including what can go wrong and how to bring the mentoring relationship to a close.

It’s a valuable resource for mentors long after the workshop and is packed with tools and techniques to build mentoring skills and confidence.

Get Ready to Mentor is available in hard copy and as an eBook. The eBook is sold in multiples of 10 with discounts for volume orders.

View a sample workbook


Coaching and Mentoring Books
Mentoring Training Materials

Get Ready for Mentoring - Workbook for mentees

Get Ready for Mentoring is a resource rich workbook for mentees. In a similar way to the mentor workbook, it follows the natural flow of a mentoring relationship. It enables the reader to understand how to maximise the potential value of working with a mentor.

It deals with practical challenges such as having clear goals and facilitates self reflection about their readiness for mentoring and their learning style.

There are lots of ideas and tips for making the most of the mentoring opportunity and optimising learning. These include topics such as the power of reflection, working with feedback and building a network

The workbook enables mentees to have the confidence to take responsibility for their mentoring experience.

Get Ready for Mentoring is available in hard copy and as an eBook. The eBook is sold in multiples of 10 with discounts for volume orders.

View a sample workbook



Mentoring Conversation Cards

There are 48 cards in each pack with 12 questions for each section: Preparing yourself, Getting started, Making Progress and Maintaining momentum. The cards have many uses:

  • Give a pack to mentors and mentees to use in their mentoring meetings
  • Use during workshops to stimulate thinking about questions and their power in mentoring discussions
  • Use them to facilitate practice sessions during workshops
  • Distribute them later in mentoring relationships to keep things fresh and engaging

Learn more and buy Mentoring Conversation cards

Mentoring Conversation Cards

Workshops and webinars

Mentoring Training materials


Whether we are running face to face workshops or online webinars, we have the ability to tailor our programme to suit your mentoring project. We see a great opportunity with a group of mentors to create a learning community and support the development of an internal network.

Face to face workshops can be 1/2 day or 1 day. They can be run for mentors and mentees in parallel with an opportunity for them to mix and perhaps meet their chosen partner.

Give us a call to see how we can help.