Performance Coaching

What is Performance Coaching?

Whether you need performance coaching for your talented leaders or to develop coaching capability in your managers, we deliver great results for our clients

Performance Coaching

Coaching – Individuals and Teams

Performance Coaching

Our qualified, experienced coaches enable leaders to:

  • Make rapid and sustainable changes
  • Get ready for their next move
  • Hit the ground running in their new position
  • Get thinking time and make good decisions

Team Coaching

We love coaching teams and whether it’s short or longer term, our coaching enables greater alignment and collaboration, enhanced clarity and purpose and growing energy. All of which leads to greater, collective performance and a team of inspiring role models.

Building Coaching Skills

Manager as Coach Training

The Value of Line Manager as Coach

Developing these key skills for Line managers is a critical element of building leadership capability. It also supports moving organisations towards a coaching culture. Some managers are natural coaches, most are not! So, enabling them to broaden their range of styles and to incorporate coaching, when appropriate, pays big dividends.

Overview of content

We facilitate interactive, engaging workshops to build coaching skills for managers. Workshops are tailored to each client and are packed with:

  • Opportunities to practice – on real work issues
  • Guided reflection to build self-awareness
  • Tools and practical resources to use back at work
  • A follow up review and sharing of learning

Internal Coach Training

The Value of Internal Coach Training

Developing internal coaches enables you to develop more people through coaching in a cost effective way. Internal Coach training also provides superb development for the coaches themselves.

More and more organisations are developing internal coaches as a key part of their learning strategy.

Overview of content

Internal coaching provision varies hugely. Our workshops are tailored to your specific needs and your expectations of internal coaches. They are:

  • A balance of theory and practical tools
  • Interactive with lots of practice sessions
  • Challenging and stretching but fun
  • Flexible to meet the needs of coaches

“The Food for Thought workshops have been highly successful and benefited our coaches tremendously. The return on investment is evident in the positive feedback I have received from the coachees across the business.

Caroline and her team have designed and delivered a very professional and credible programme of workshops. I put a lot of the success of these workshops down to the manner in which they have been designed and delivered. I enjoy working with Caroline and look forward to working with her more in the future.”

Leigh Naylor, Talent Consultant, British Airways