Developing Teams

Developing teams improves performance

Developing teams focuses on one or more of of 3 core elements. These are Dynamics, Processes and Behaviours. Each one is explored  further on this page.

High performing teams pay attention to each of these elements and regularly review them. Development works to ensure that all three are optimised for each team. There is no one size fits all because every team is different. As a result, their development will take different directions.

Dynamics and behaviour are living, changeable forces. Therefore, leaders need to constantly watch these elements and adjust as necessary. Also, processes need to adjust as priorities shift or there are changes in the environment.

This is what makes developing teams so exciting and challenging!

Developing Teams
Developing Teams

Typical challenges for teams

Teams are facing more challenges than ever before. Typical issues that undermine their effectiveness include:

  • Virtual teams that are not cohesive
  • Problematic matrix structures
  • Collaboration failures – internally and with external partners
  • Working in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world
  • Rapidly changing team members and goals
  • Conflict and poor relationship dynamics
  • Processes that are inadequate or not fit for purpose
  • Insufficient attention given to team development

Our Facilitation Principles

Every facilitation project is different. The objectives, the culture and the dynamics are essential factors for every team. The hallmarks of our work include:

  • Getting a thorough understanding of all the relevant issues and the stakeholders – internal and external
  • Creating an environment of energy and trust where day to day issues can be put aside
  • Facilitation techniques that encourage and enable creative thinking and fresh perspectives
  • Threading creativity and fun through the day according to the subject in hand
  • Enabling everyone to contribute, challenge and collaborate in a safe environment

Tools we use for developing teams

Hogan Development Survey

Examples of our work

Board members defining their desired leadership behaviours for the organisation

A leadership team analysing the business issues and designing a major re-organisation

Bringing two teams together to agree on new working practices

Enabling senior teams in the public sector to plan for strategic change including mergers of regions and working in a collaborative partnership

Developing Teams

“It can be difficult to get a subjective view when you are living with the day-to-day issues.

Talent for Growth facilitated a highly effective team development event for the top team that enabled us to focus our discussions and create a business review tool that we still use today.”

Paul Chamberlain, Managing Director, Global Lift & Escalator Company