Mentoring Conversation Cards

Mentoring Conversation Cards

Our Mentoring Conversation Cards are hugely popular. They act as energisers, prompts, food for thought, and inspiration. They’re equally valuable for mentors and mentees. They enable engaging and constructive discussions.

A good mentoring conversation can be stimulating and provide learning for both mentors and mentees. Great mentoring conversations can shift thinking. They provide powerful insights and are a catalyst for change and development.

However, with a full workload and limited time, those rich, thought-provoking questions can be elusive. The answer?

 The cards are divided into 4 sections which represent the flow of mentoring relationship. These are: Preparing yourself, Getting started, Making progress and Maintaining Momentum.


These cards are an excellent partner to the workbooks – a fantastic tool!

Workshop Participant, The Ritz Hotel

Our cards can be used in a variety of ways:

  • As a part of our mentor and mentee training workshops
  • As a refresher to support existing mentors
  • By both mentees and mentors 

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