Virtual 360 Feedback

So why virtual 360 feedback?

  • Ability to send reports direct prior to the meeting
  • Reduce travel helping the environment
  • No travel making it less stressful
  • Telephone or video feedback
  • No cancellation fees
  • No travel expenses
  • Time efficient
  • Flexible
Virtual 360 Feedback

What is virtual 360 feedback?

Since the outbreak of Covid 19 we’ve been delivering our 360 feedback coaching virtually and it’s been very successful for our clients. Our coaches are skilled at coaching over a virtual platform and everyone is getting comfortable with this new way of working. But budgets are challenged for many and we have reflected this in our approach. This virtual 360 feedback package makes everything more manageable, with lower costs but no reduction in quality. There are no travel time or expenses, no cancellation fees and greater flexibility.

For many people, it’s also a more comfortable way to receive feedback. Participants say that they are often more relaxed and perhaps, more open as a result. They appreciate the way a virtual 360 feedback coaching session is often more focused and so takes less time. Changes to schedules can often be accommodated as the report and feedback can be received from wherever a manager chooses.

An unexpected benefit has been that participants experience, for themselves, how powerful coaching can be, despite the virtual nature of it. They are, as a result, encouraged to do more remote coaching with their own teams which can only benefit everyone.

Our 360 feedback package includes:

  • A 360 degree feedback report with full admin support
  • A live 360 progress update link
  • A choice of 360 feedback questionnaire
  • Virtual 360 feedback coaching and a follow up call.

View a 360 feedback sample report

“Caroline is an extraordinary coach. We have only met face-to-face on 1 occasion and yet she has been invaluable in helping me transition to a more senior role, where I needed to adapt and learn new things to focus on what is important. Her ability to listen, understand and with a few key questions trigger thoughts and actions that are needed has been of great help to me.”

Steve Dalton, Vice President Research & Development, Sealed Air