Preparing for Coaching eBook

Get Ready for Coaching is an essential part of preparing for coaching. This concise, practical coaching eBook is based on academic research. It enables the coachee to get their coaching off to the best possible start and to maximise its value.

Get Ready for Coaching explains coaching very well, what it is and how it differs from other development solutions such as mentoring. It supports the reader in preparing for coaching by providing guidance to clarify their coaching objectives and describing what they should expect from a coaching relationship. Finally, it doubles as a useful resource with a coaching diary to support reflection, thus maximising learning.

“Plenty of people probably feel a little nervous about launching themselves into the clutches of a coach. This is the first book to offer much needed guidance to the coachee. It is easy to follow, guides them through the process and should be very helpful”.

Sir John Whitmore, Author of Performance Coaching

Preparing for Coaching eBook.

Our coaching eBook format means that preparing for coaching can be done at a time and place convenient for you. Accessible on numerous devices, Get Ready for Coaching facilitates your thinking and supports you as you begin to work with a coach.

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