The Future of Employee Wellbeing


Based on 30 years of research

A programme that works!

What is Employee Wellbeing?

Employee wellbeing is a holistic view of the physical, mental and emotional wellness of individual team members. Wellbeing includes all aspects of working life such as the culture of the organisation, behaviours of managers and leaders, how interesting the work is, opportunities for development, policies and benefits that support health and wellness, the work environment etc. It’s a big topic.

Why is employee wellbeing important?

Employees that feel healthy, are resilient to stress and feel happy in their work environment will be engaged, will deliver their best work and are likely to stay with an organisation that actively enables and supports their wellbeing. In today’s world of work, employees, especially younger ones’ place a lot of importance on wellbeing and the attitudes and actions of employers.

“Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of the business”

A breakthrough for employee wellbeing

The Easychange programme comprises an integrated suite of self-paced, online modules that improve employee wellbeing and health. This has proven to be one of the most effective ways of increasing the engagement and productivity of your employees.

Employee wellbeing is recognised as a critical issue for organisations. Here are just a few reasons why, even in these challenging times, you can’t afford to ignore it.

Good health and happiness at work is a key enabler of employee engagement and business performance. So, promoting wellbeing enables team members to flourish and produce their best work. This is particularly important in today’s environment, where the need to do more with less is increasing. 

Mental health issues are also on the increase and work stress is identified as one of the key causes. The cost, and not just financial cost, of not taking care of the mental health of employees is significant and has far reaching consequences.

Today, people, and especially those entering the workforce, want to work for organisations that foster engagement and care for individuals. That’s one reason why engagement is high on the criteria for Best Companies. Many organisations are taking action but most of them offer support when things aren’t going well.

Why not be more proactive?


Enable employees to help themselves          Give them a fun, engaging & interactive tool          You track take up & success rates

Easychange is a totally new, scientifically-based approach to habit change.

Six Wellbeing Programmes

Get Healthier

Eat Healthier

Get Started

Get Fit

Reduce Stress

Reduce Stress


Drink Less

Feel Better

Feel Better

Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

So, how does it work?

Easychange puts the responsibility for key elements of wellbeing into the individuals hands. They can learn at their own pace, with the confidence that their participation and their data is totally confidential.


Complete data confidentiality is guaranteed. The organisation, however, gets invaluable anonymised reporting about the uptake of the benefit, which programmes are being used and statistics about drop out and completion rates.

Bite size self paced progress

A programme lasts from one day up to a year. Each session lasts for between 10 – 20 minutes making it manageable and flexible. The programmes can be used on all platforms – laptops, tablets or mobiles.

Enabling you to achieve your goals

A wide range of activities and exercises will help you to manage the desired change. The techniques used are scientifically proven to overcome our brains resistance to change. The programme will actively help you, day by day to reach your goal.

Round the clock, individual support

You have personalised just- in- time support available around the clock. And even if you slip back or just find the going tough, you can use the smart Help Button to get the extra help you need. Right there and then, the programme gets you back on track.

Want more details about the programmes?

Healthy Eating

Get Healthier

Get healthier shows you the small but important changes that you can easily make to your diet and eating regime without making major changes to your life. The Easychange method uses modern psychology, enabling you to succeed in practice too. You’ll notice the effects immediately.

The programme content start with a test of your eating habits. It educates you about what to eat more and less of. The psychology element helps you to understand why you eat the way you do and explains how your brain tricks you into bad eating habits. The programme also enables you to develop greater awareness of the links between your feelings and your eating habits. 

The final part teaches a range of invaluable tips and techniques to train your willpower and avoid overeating. These include making changes to your eating environment and many more. 


Less Stress

Reduce Stress

Stress at work is an increasing feature for many employees and, if not dealt with effectively, can escalate rapidly. The Reduce Stress programme combines prevention and treatment of stress whilst also enabling a greater understanding of it. There’s lots of practical, psychology and a built-in assessment of progress

The programme starts with a stress test to assess the nature of the issue. There is excellent guidance on the sources of stress with a focus on stress at work.  Then you learn how stress can be prevented as well as how to deal with it if it’s a problem. Topics such as avoiding procrastination, breathing and relaxation exercises, tips for reducing anxiety and many others make this a very practical and valuable programme that can be applied throughout life.

Finally, there is a repeat self assessment at the end of the programme to check on progress.


Feel Better

Feel Better

New psychological research shows that everyone can increase their ‘level of happiness’ and experience better moods, regardless of where they’re starting from. You just need to know how to do it. Feel Better provides you with valuable knowledge on how you can open your eyes to the many sources of daily happiness that exist, but which may be hard to spot. The techniques are based on the latest research in health and positive psychology. 

The programme starts by inviting reflection about what makes you happy and unhappy. It helps you understand the degree to which you can influence how you feel.  The concept of strengths is introduced and the power of identifying and developing your strengths as well as the positive benefits of being kind to others. Other practical elements are explored such as managing time, dealing with negative experiences, how to adapt to whatever situation you find yourself in and the benefits of physical activity.

More psychological sessions look at optimism versus pessimism, the concept of creating flow and the managing of thoughts and feelings.


Getting Fit

Get Started

Perfect for those who know they should be more physically active but don’t like the gym. Get Started provides help to make small changes to your life so that you get into better shape and avoid illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes. You also get support with techniques, exercises and new ways of thinking.

 The programme content begins with helping you to set realistic goals and build an achievable plan for activity. There is advice on how to get started and valuable insights into common obstacles and excuses that prevent success. Plenty to reflect on! Psychology assists with tips for maintaining motivation, visualising success, building willpower and overcoming obstacles. 

Finally, you’re offered suggestions and help if things go off course and you need a plan B.




Balance is a programme that enables you to understand more about your drinking habits. It’s not designed to stop you from drinking but it helps you change your habits if you’re in the risk zone. Then, you can enjoy what you drink without worrying about whether you’re drinking too much.

The programme educates you about how alcohol affects you and the damaging effects that it can have. Your habits and motivations are reviewed and the help and support offered is tailored to your own circumstances.

There is help and tips for maintaining momentum and active support in carrying out the programme on a day to day basis. Some of the support includes stress reduction and relaxation exercises, planning for personal risk periods and support to prevent relapses based on your risk level. Encouragement and optimism is reinforced throughout the programme.

Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking with our Full Stop programme. It’s an enhanced version of one of the world’s best documented and most effective programmes for giving up smoking. It’s been used by over 2 million smokers in 50 countries.The secret is that you get active daily help with resisting the desire to smoke and all the other things that can make you start smoking again – until you reach your goal. If you should have a relapse and smoke a cigarette or five, Full Stop will help you get back on track.

This programme can last  up to one year and provides daily support. It begins with 7 days of preparation and then gives 30 days of intensive support in the initial quitting phase. Extensive relaxation and self help techniques are taught together with the opportunity to capture health improvements.

There is also daily therapeutic help and support and special therapy in the event of relapse. The programme also teaches you to self programme for greater chances of success. Finally there is a Help Button available 24/7 when additional support and encouragement is needed.


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