eBook for Mentors

Our eBook for mentors, Get Ready to Mentor, is packed with tools and tips to build mentoring capability. The eBook is designed as a workbook, with interactive exercises. The structure follows the natural flow of a mentoring relationship and will develop the skills and confidence of those who are embarking on mentorship. It’s accessible on multiple devices as an easy reference source and toolkit for mentors.

Get Ready to Mentor can be used on its own or, for maximum effect, as part of our online mentor training workshop. There are useful templates such as reflection journals, mentoring meeting agendas and a development plan.

There are also activities that encourage mentors to reflect and build their self-awareness as part of preparing for mentorship. The tips, tools and best practice guides ensure that Get Ready to Mentor continues to deliver value throughout the mentoring relationship.

This workbook is available as part of our mentoring programmes. 


“The workbooks are excellent as are the Mentoring Conversation Cards.

They have both proven to be very helpful tools to support the learning from the training and to assist mentoring meetings”.

Clare Wigg, HR Manager, Stroma Building Controls

Why your Mentors need Get Ready to Mentor

Training mentors is a critically important part of any mentoring programme. Even the best managers and leaders benefit from thinking about their mentoring style and building capability to deliver great mentorship within their organisation.

For many organisations, ensuring mentoring training is consistent across business units, countries or regions can be a headache. Get Ready to Mentor ensures that the language, messages, best practice and skills of effective mentoring are consistent throughout the organisation. This helps mentees too and provides clarity to everyone about what mentoring looks like in your organisation.

The mentoring eBook covers the key areas of understanding mentoring, building awareness about your natural mentoring style, getting started, making progress, maintaining momentum and ending. Within each section, there are relevant tips, tools and ideas, questions to facilitate thinking and templates to use. For example, contracting for how the relationship will work is very important for both mentors and mentees. Our mentoring workbook covers all the key points of effective contracting and provides a valuable suggested agenda for that important first meeting, together with a blank agenda template.

Successful mentoring must ensure that mentoring conversations remain engaging, developmental and energising for both parties. Get Ready to Mentor suggests numerous ways that this can be achieved and provides tips, frameworks and suggestions. When used in conjunction with our Mentoring Conversation Cards, mentors build creativity and confidence. The eBook also discusses what can go wrong in a mentoring relationship and what to do about it. A handy review template to facilitate regular progress reviews by both parties is available in the worksheets. Worksheets can be used as pre-work, thereby saving time during online training and keeping mentoring webinars pacy, engaging and interactive.