Making Smart Choices

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Making smart choices

According to the Employee Benefits Journal three-fifths of employers are planning to spend more on online health & wellbeing tools for their employees as part of an increased focus on employee retention, engagement and productivity. But it’s not easy…


  • Which areas of your employees’ health and wellbeing are most in need of support?
  • How, when there are so many products out there, can you work out which ones are the best?
  • What if one of our most trusted institutions had already done the hard work and research?

Well, they have!

The NHS have investigated and researched which tools deliver real results and this is what they’ve said:

“The NHS is already using the Easychange suite internally and getting excellent feedback from staff on its positive impact. The NHS is always keen to make the use of proven solutions and looked very carefully at the clinical and user evidence that underpins Easychange which looks stronger than any other offer in the market place. As a result, the NHS is encouraging organisations to adopt Easychange as a highly effective solution”

As to the question of knowing where to target precious budget and resources, Easychange helps with that too.

As your employees take their self-assessment test to get started on programmes of their choice, you get an anonymised view of the scores people get. So, you don’t know who, but you know what percentage and how many people scored low on which areas. And, as a result, you can plan resources or activities accordingly.

This is a compelling product and stands far and above other tools in the marketplace. If you’re interested in knowing more, we can give you a free demonstration of Easychange to experience it for yourself. Just get in touch!


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