360 Feedback Resources

360 degree feedback is a straightforward process that, done well, provides rich development for all those who take part. However, getting it right does require planning and thought. 

Our resources page is designed to help you plan your 360 feedback project so that you get the best value from it for individuals and the organisation.

We have sample reports which show the power of 360 beyond the individual reports. The group report gathers aggregate data to show collective strengths and weaknesses across a selected group or whole organisation.

The Comparative report measures progress for an individual over a period of time after the first 360 report.

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Provides more information about our services and 360 degree feedback approach and previous work with clients.

360 Degree Feedback Report

Enables respondents to provide narrative text for each competency and shows scores by category.

Download  a sample 360 report

Our 5 Step Guide

Our comprehensive guide to implementing 360 for the first time. Full of tips and food for thought.

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Comparative Report

An excellent way to assess ROI on development is to run a second report approximately 1 year after the initial one. A colourful, traffic light report highlights areas of improvement, no change and where further effort may be required.

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Group Report

Provides colourful, easy to interpret reporting using anonymised, aggregate data. Reports can be produced for different population groups and show themes and patterns in strengths and development areas.

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