360 Feedback Coaching

Effective 360 Feedback Coaching

Our team are experienced and skilled 360 feedback coaches who enable clients to make links and see themes from feedback. We balance support with challenge to help clients get the most from the feedback, recognise their strengths as well as development areas and to build a plan of action.

We recommend that just two 360 feedback sessions are needed to support 360 feedback participants to get the most from the process.

360 feedback coaching – Session 1

We help our client to explore the report, make sense of the data and start to find patterns. Throughout the meeting, we’re there to support, make links and facilitate thinking and reflection. Participants report that this meeting to be powerful, thought-provoking and engaging.

360 feedback coaching – Session 2

The danger of having just one session is that the participant can be overwhelmed by the volume of feedback and in need of time to process it. Back at work, sometimes the move to action never quite makes it to the top of the priority list.

Session 2 deals with this. It requires less time than Session 1 and is usually done remotely. The purpose is to enable the participant to reflect on their insights and learning from the 360 feedback report. This second session, so often overlooked in organisations in the interests of time, can make all the difference to embedding real change as a result of the 360 feedback process.

Plan for Action

Then, crucially, it’s about building a plan of action, setting targets and priorities. It’s also important to be clear about what support is needed. Line manager encouragement here can make all the difference.

3 Ways to deliver 360 Coaching

Coaching a participant through their 360 feedback report is the part of the process that can result in transformational shifts and sustained change.

It’s where you get your return on investment too, if it’s done well. Using a skilled, experienced coach to facilitate a 360 feedback session pays huge dividends.

Group 360 Coaching

There are times when coaching a group through their 360 reports is an excellent option. Where there is a strong sense of trust within a group or a team it is a very powerful way to debrief 360 feedback.

Our coaches facilitate the session with care and sensitivity and ensure that a collaborative and supportive environment is created.

Remote 360 Coaching

In today’s hectic and interconnected world, working remotely is increasingly commonplace. Many clients are moving to remote 360 feedback coaching. It’s time efficient and flexible. Reports are sent prior to the meeting and we use video conferencing or telephone according to client preferences. Our coaches quickly built rapport and create the trust needed for an open, thought provoking and meaningful discussion.

Building internal coaching skills

We provide 360 feedback training, coaching and support to HR teams, enabling them to facilitate powerful and transformational 360 feedback conversations.

Costs are reduced, enabling a wider application of 360 feedback in your organisation. Our training builds capability and confidence in skills that can be used more broadly than just 360 feedback. 


“Caroline is an extraordinary coach. We have only met face-to-face on one occasion and yet she has been invaluable in helping me transition to a more senior role, where I needed to adapt and learn new things to focus on what is important. Her ability to listen, understand and with a few key questions trigger thoughts and actions that are needed has been of great help to me”

Steve Dalton

Vice President Research & Development, Sealed Air

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